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Lee and Alice


My wife and I purchased our first home using the GI Bill. At first all was confusing but Jessica and her team were fully familiar with VA requirements and the confusion was gone.  – Feb 2020

Albert and Maria Plus 3


Relocating to Tulsa from NYC was scary, however with Jessica and her Team it became a wonderful experience. – Feb 2020

James, Linda, and Mary


Downsizing our parents was TOUGH until we meet Jessica..she understood fully the issues with downsizing your parents. After six months the right home that meet their needs fully was found. What started horrible ended wonderfully. – Nov 2019

Gerorge and Annabell


We are so excited about our first investment property. Jessica helped us select the right property at the right price.– Mar 2020

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Meet Jessica

Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott and Associates

Jessica Scott & Associates is a team of agents to assist all types of Real Estate needs of our clients under the umbrella of Keller Williams, which is an international company.  Jessica Scott is a Licensed Broker Realtor Associate, licensed since 2005, thousands of families served through the whole Tulsa metro (and all surrounding areas) as well as out of state. We believe in “Clients for life”, consulting and providing services for your Listings, Purchases, Relocation, New Construction, Investment (Flipping and Rentals), Land, REO, Short Sales, Property Management, and more. Jessica Scott teaches our clients/ investors how to use Real Estate to make money with built in or sweat equity. We are always listed in high rankings in the Tulsa People’s top 100, will be featured in the Thousand list and in the Wall street Journal 2019. Profiled in Top agents ranked, and we firmly believe that we should never stop learning to better serve our clients. Designations and courses completed are CRS, Bold, GRI, Crets, REO and Short sale Graduate. Myself, our team of agents and full staff of admin are here to serve and consult. Our primary goal is to put the client and the needs of the client first.


Careers - Worth Having

A career in real estate provides flexibility and freedom to set your own pace. Income directly reflects your efforts, with no limits on what astute, hard-working men and women can earn. Successful people in real estate are goal-oriented, persevering, self-motivated, ambitious and people-oriented. The rewards of a real estate career are a potential for high earnings, status in the community, autonomy, time freedom, helping people, the intellectual challenge and the satisfaction from those accomplishments.

Professional Requirements for a Career in Real Estate

Entry into the real estate profession takes preparation. As with other professions, licensing is required. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, but all require prospective salespeople and brokers to pass a written exam.

Professional Positions Currently Available

Inside and outside Sales Associates
Transaction Coordinator
Listing Sales Associate
Consumer Facilitator

The JSA Cloud Office - Technology Leadership

The JSA (Jessica Scott Access) Cloud Office is your day-to-day Office in the cloud that JSA has quietly developed and in use for almost a decade. It’s our platform for email and documents and messaging and calendaring, but more than that, it’s connectivity; it’s collaboration; Training; it’s having choices about where and when you work. You can work literally anywhere on the planet. Access for you and your desktop remains the same, icons in the same place, documents still there, all there as you left it. No relearning, your desktop remains the same regardless of software updates. Backups done automatically, no additional software costs to purchase, no computer repair costs, tech support 24/7 and online all the time, just a phone call gets you support (imagine that, no waiting, to keep your business moving).

Anywhere you have internet, your office is available.

Find out how JSA is "Aways Doing More to Keep your Business Moving".

What Jessica Scott Associates Offers for your successful Career

TechnologyJSA has always looked at, reviewed, tested and integrated technology into its operations to improve communications between Associates and Customers. This is the very reason why "Jessica Scott Access ©" was developed to reduce technology frustration for its team members.

If you want a culture that thrives on continual education and training then JSA is a great place for you.

24/7/365 it's that simple.....A phone call, txt message, email, to anyone at JSA will get you support regardless of your need.

A realestate lead is contact that has an interest in selling realestate property or in purchasing real estate property. JSA has leads each day that need to be researched to determine the time frame for the real estate activity. This entails communicating with the lead to determine fully what they are trying to accomplish. That is usually followed by research to fully answer any questions the lead communicated to you. Once all research is complete further communication with the lead prospect takes place and then following up on any new information that is of interest to the customer.

Currently JSA has a backlog of leads.

Never again will you feel like you are alone trying to figure all of this out on your own. We'll share the insight & access to systems and strategies used by 20 years of successful realestate careers by not just JSA but other successful realestate professions in the Oklahoma market. The Oklahoma market is unique and does not reflect the demographics of other areas in the United States. We believe that two pair of eyes are always better for problem solving.

Definition: (noun) Guidance is just a question away at any time with Jessica Scott and Associates.

JSA is constantly reviewing the Realtor tools that come on the market and there are a lot of tools. We involve all team members in tool review. If the tool can be found to reduce time, increase leads, increase communication with clients and overall be of use, JSA will purchase that tool.

Market Share
AUSTIN, Texas - March 27, 2019 - Keller Williams, the world's largest real estate technology franchise by agent count and the U.S. leader in units and sales volume, had the most top producing brokerages on the REAL Trends 500, according to the annual ranking and reporting published by REAL Trends, Inc.

Why Wait? - Nothing to lose but CONTROL of your Job Freedom.

Why Wait? - Nothing to lose but Job Freedom.

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